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Terms and Conditions

Important Sales Terms

Order amount: Product is sold in 1 each increments. We do not sell fractional product increment pieces.
Published Prices: Prices are per liner yard and are subject to Change without Notice.
Payment: CBD (Cash Before Delivery). Payment must be received before any order is processed. Exceptions may apply to certain Business accounts only.
Invalid Payment: Bounced checks or credit card charge backs are subject to a $50 nonrefundable fee.
Lots: A little difference is a lot difference. Different lots of the same SKU may have slight variation. PFA (Product for Approval) must be requested from specified lot to guarantee exactness. See Product Lot Details
Put-up: We package our product in plastic bags except where marked otherwise. Some products are pre-gift boxed. 
Shipping: FOB Islip NY (Freight on Board). See Shipping Policy
Returns: See Return Policy

Order Procedure and Acknowledgement

Estimate Notification: If you request an Estimate or pricelist you will receive an email with the information attached for your review. If you decide to move forward with the project, let the sales rep know you would like a quote.
Quote Notification: If you request a Quote or place an order you will receive an email with a Quote requiring your approval. To approve a Quote, we require either a signed copy or a reply email reading “buyer’s full name approves this estimate #”.
Order Notification: After you have approved your quote, you will receive an email conformation with the Sales Order attached for your records.
Invoice Notification: After your sales order has been fulfilled in part or in whole, you will receive an invoice attached to goods and or email for your records.
Back Orders: If we are out of a certain product and awaiting its arrival, you will receive an email with an approximate delivery date. If you no longer want the product notify us promptly and no later than 10 days before expected delivery date. Please note that the expected delivery date is an approximation and we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date when an order is placed on back orders.
Shipping Notification: Tracking numbers of shipped orders will be emailed to the contact on record.
Returns Notification: Status of RMA will be emailed to the contact on record.